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Infrastructure Engineer

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Infrastructure engineers build the platform used by the rest of Plivo. Sometimes this involves building highly-available distributed systems. Sometimes this requires creating internal tools to improve our development/operations workflow. Sometimes this involves staring at a backtrace trying to track down an obscure interaction between two system components.


You might be a fit if:

  • You have experience with server operations, though you lean more towards writing code.
  • You have scaled a large system before. You realize that 95% of scaling is doing nitty-gritty detail work.
  • You have worked on cloud computing (IAAS)

Technical Prerequisites:

  • Experience in linux system administration
  • Good knowledge of programming in at least 2 languages

Bonus points if you:

  • Have built/modified a solution over a IAAS cloud using their API or a open-source library
  • Have experience in detailed monioring of a large scale system
  • Know how to design and manage a build system
  • Have commits in open-source projects
  • Have good knowledge of python

Sample Projects:

  • Write a nagios NRPE plugin to monitor any one Plivo API (see: http://plivo.com/docs/)
  • Design and implement an application (using python) to keep track of different resources in the cloud (AWS or Rackspace)



Solve any one of the sample projects listed above and upload your code on github. Send us the link of this project (Solution) along with your ssh public key and include as many of the following as possible:

  • Brief description of your skills, passions, and work style
  • Link to your blog and/or other personal/hobby apps you’ve built
  • Links to relevant online profiles (e.g. Github, Bitbucket, Twitter, Launchpad, Linkedin)